CETMA COMPOSITES products are guarantee of quality, C.C. are products of Italian excellence.
Design, testing, production and final controls has been performed in Italy in accordance with the strict aeronautical principles to ensure quality, functionality and durability.
All carbon parts has been tested according to the ASTM regulations: D3039, D3410, D5528, D5961, D5767, D6484, D7264, D792.

The CETMA COMPOSITES warranty is applied to the carbon parts only, in accordance to following periods:

- 5 YEARS On the carbon blades assembled with C.C. S-Wing foot pockets by gluing and without drilling holes.

- 2 YEARS On the carbon blades assembled to the foot pockets with screws and for blade assembled with other brand foot pocket.

The warranty doesn't cover damages resulting from improper use of the product, modification, or damage due to accidental causes.
To get advantages of C.C. warranty you need to register at https://freediving.cetmacomposites.it/en/ by filling the fields with the date of purchase and the product serial ID number, in "Warranty" page.
PLEASE NOTE: You can get 5 years warranty only if you register on our web site. The warranty is valid only for products purchased by us or our authorized resellers.
For questions and/or information, write to: info@cetmacomposites.it