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1) 腳上碳纖維:新版CETMA COMPOSITES s-WING腳袋實現安裝更長的腳下葉片。簡單而言,使用CETMA COMPOSITES葉片后,你的整張腳都置於碳纖維葉片上。相較普通葉片,長出60%。這一特點提升了葉片承重能力以及舒適度。

2) Sky-boot like:這一新款s-WiNG腳袋設計包括運用幾種高剛硬度帶,這些帶子經研發可完全包裹固定人腳(從腳趾到腳尖)。這一特征能夠更好針對調整人腳造成的橡膠變形,使變形造成的腳易脫落現象減少至0.

3) 腳底高剛硬度:這一新版s-WiNG腳袋腳底剛硬度增強,這一改進有效防止由於葉片承重造成的腳袋底部變形,同時讓腳袋能夠與任何種類葉片配對使用。擁有剛硬度的葉片袋更好固定葉片形狀,對任何種類的葉片都能提升30%使用率。

4) Open flow system:新版s-WiNG腳袋設計分流水流,人腳兩邊創造水流通道,這一"without spars"系統長期被研究如何優化利用水动力。

5) Twinzer system:新版s-WiNG腳袋新增兩個垂直穩定器,可防止側滑並高效分流水流。

6) Anti-twist System:s-WiNG腳袋的前端為高剛硬度的加強型U型設計,穩定葉片,避免縱軸旋轉。

7) 舒適度:新版s-WiNG腳袋設計,通過包裹服帖的腳型設計最大化使用舒適度,有35-48 7種大小可選。

8) 高效觸水軌道:CETMA COMPOSITES出名的高效觸水軌道,最小化橡膠含量,多種高度選擇的設計提升葉片使用率。

9) 無重材料:s-WiNG腳袋使用的材料,為新式橡膠,既保留自然橡膠的彈性,也擁有熱塑橡膠的耐久特點。材料密度1.05(克/立方厘米),即在水中完全無重量。

Size [mm] of footpockets for choosing the size

EUROPEAN SIZE Max Length Max Width Instep Circumference
35-36 220 86,5 243
37-38 230 92 260
39-40 245 97 271
41-42 260 101 286
43-44 270 107 300
45-46 280 111 314
47-48 295 117 330

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  • Asked by Titus Salter
    on 2020-03-20
    Would you ship this to Hawaii? Answer:
    we ship worldwide
  • Asked by Philip Hickey
    on 2020-06-06
    How much does each footpocket weigh? Answer:
    The footpockets s-wing have no weight in the water because they are made with a special rubber with density equal to 1g/cm3, basically the same density of water...this means that footpocket is neutral in the water....
  • Asked by pietro
    on 2021-02-17
    E' possibile montare pale di marche diverse (es. CarbonioGFT) sulle scarpette S-Wing? Grazie (... Is it possible to fit other brands of carbon blades into the S-Wing foot pocket?) Answer:
    Buongiorno ,si le GFT sono compatibili. Saluti
  • Asked by faustino
    on 2021-04-06
    hi i am between two sizes of you size chart because i have lenght foot of 270 mm (43-44) but my width is 100 mm and cicumference 270 mm (size 41-42) y normally use a beuchat mundial footpocket with a 1.5mm sock and fits me well. So which S-wing do a choose 41-42 or 43-44?? Answer:
    Hi, please use the same size you use for beuchat we use similar sizes scale. Best Regards
  • Asked by faustino
    on 2021-04-06
    41-42 beuchat mundial footpocket Answer:
    so s-wing 41-42
  • Asked by Julien
    on 2022-05-10
    Hi! I use 44-46 immersion fins, my shoe size is 10.5 and i wear 5mm socks. Wich size should i go? Answer:
    Please go on the website and compare the measures taken on your feet, wearing the socks, with those reported on the table. Best regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2023-04-10
    Hi my European size is a 46 but my foot length is 254 mm, width 88.9 mm and circumference is 266.7 mm..what would be the size to choose? Answer:
    Hi, You can choose your size using the table reported here: https://freediving.cetmacomposites.it/en/home/13-footpockets-cetma-composites-s-wing.html please take into account that footpockets are thermoformable, so you can easily adjust by heating. Regards Kind Regards
  • Asked by Javi
    on 2023-04-16
    Buenas en mi caso estaría interesado por el 41- 42 y quedria saber cual es el peso del calzante individualmente? Answer:
    Salve,il peso in acqua è nullo poichè la gomma utilizzata ha densità uguale a quella dell'acqua. Saluti
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2023-04-21
    An option for the United States is not present among the countries listed to enter an address Answer:
    Hi, we ship worldwide ; we have a distributor in USA , for your needs you can contact : angela@americandiveco.com. Best regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2023-05-08
    Hey, Im size 45 and right in between sizes, 43-44 feels too tight and slightly hurts, while size 45-46 feels loose. Does the foot pocket expands with time? Answer:
    Hello, yes, they yeld over time like normal shoes and consider that they are thermoformable ; on our website, in the footpockets swing section you can also compare your measurements with those reported on the table. Regards

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