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The first monofin in the world with improved stability TARAS don't bend in transversal direction thus really improving efficiency.

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The monofin is specifically designed for freediving or finswimming.The blade is a “technology jewel” produced with the most advanced processes using high moduls and high strength carbon fiber, resulting from aerospace sector. Blade stiffness distribution is accurately designed by FEM in both, tranversal and longitudinal, directions, to minimize the transversal bending thus avoiding lateral pressure drops.

This engineerized stiffness distribution enable the transversal shape stability, also in strong kicking, thus producing a great thrust with minimal muscular effort (high efficiency).
The footpocket is ergonomical and comfortable. It is molded with high quality rubber and can be worn tight yet maintaining a comfortable fit, minimizes power consumption and produces maximal thrust.
All monofin subcomponents, blade, footpockets, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, are assembled by qualified technicians.
Features list:
1. Foot/blade inclination: high angle.
2. The underplanter, made differential stiffness rubber and rubber foam, has an arched and ergonomic shape to make a powerfull and comfortable fit;
3. The monofin has a buoyancy positive thrust of about 200 grams (2 N);
4. The blade is 100% carbon fiber both IM7 and High Modulus;
5. The material used is 100 % Carbon Prepreg produced with hot melt impregnation system, using a micro-toughened tetra-functional epoxy resin.
6. 3D-Tech: Proprietary Technology, of CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade.
7. FEM Design: TARAS blades are optimized trough an accurate Design by means of Finite Element Softwares (FEM). The Design trough FEM software allows an optimized distribution of the stiffness, with the aim to obtain a deformation ensuring the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency;
8. Dimensions: L (Length) = 70 cm; W (width) = 70cm; H (height) = 10 cm.
9. Weight: 2.13 kg.

Numero Lunghezza piede / Foot lenght (mm) Larghezza massima / Foot width (mm)
35-36 220-225 82-85
37-38 230-235 91-93
39-40 245-250 94-96
41-42 255-260 98-100
43-45 275-280 104-107

KG peso Rigidezza per uso apnea / Hardness for freediving
meno di 60 1
75 1,5 - 2
80 2 -3
90 3 - 4

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  • Asked by Lili
    on 2021-07-01
    Good day. I want to buy a monofin Taras, but I have a question. I have different foot lengths - right foot 255 mm, left foot 245 mm. I tried a friend's monofin, footpocket size 39-40, but it is too small for me - it presses on my fingers. I tried footpocket size 41-42, they are excellent in width, but large in length (fingers are free), which is not very good for me. What can you recommend to me? I want to enjoy freediving so that the monofin does not press on my fingers and is not big. Answer:
    We can lenghten the 39-40 around 5-7 mm
  • Asked by Dario Marini
    on 2021-07-12
    Salve. Sono indeciso se acquistare una taglia 43-45 oppure scegliere la versione custom. Senza calzini, i miei piedi misurano 265 mm in lunghezza e 105 mm in larghezza. Per le scarpe da ginnastica di solito porto 9 1/2 US, 9 UK, 43 1/3 FR oppure 275 JP (Adidas). Vivendo in Svezia di solito mi immergo in acque molto fredde, con calzari di 2mm oppure 3 mm; con la monopinna attuale soffro un po' e sono costretto a toglierla tra un tuffo e l'altro; la scelta è tra il soffrire il freddo oppure la monopinna stretta, diciamo che non mi dispiacerebbe poter utilizzare i calzari da 3 mm. In piscina oppure in acque calde non uso i calzari e non ho bisogno di rimuovere la monopinna, che comunque aderisce molto bene al piede. L'idea iniziale era di prendere la 43-45 sopratutto per poter ricevere la monopinna il prima possibile; tuttavia, vedendo la tabella delle taglie, mi sembra che i miei piedi siano un po' corti ma forse non è una cosa negativa considerando l'uso dei calzari. Voi quale alternativa scegliereste? Quali sono i tempi di consegna in questo periodo? Saluti, Dario Answer:
    Secondo me le sue considerazioni sono esatte io sceglierei la 43-45
  • Asked by Dario
    on 2021-07-15
    Salve, Mi chiamo Dario e vorrei acquistare una monopinna Taras. Sono indeciso se acquistare la monopinna misura 43-45 standard oppure scegliere l’opzione custom. I miei piedi misurano 265mm / 105mm: osservando la vostra tabella, la larghezza del piede sembra essere compatibile con la taglia 43-45, la lunghezza è tra la 41-42 e la 43-45. Vivendo in Svezia la maggior parte delle immersioni avvengono in acque molto fredde; con la monopinna attuale uso dei calzari da 1,5mm ma non mi dispiacerebbe riuscire ad utilizzare quelli da 3mm. In piscina o nel mediterraneo non uso calzari. Cosa mi consigliate? Quali sono i tempi di consegna? Saluti, Dario Answer:
  • Asked by Oxana Dubois
    on 2021-08-01
    Hi all, could you tell me how do I know which Blade Stiffness I need? Is any possibilities to test ? Regards Oxana Answer:
    Dear Customer, at each fin model page on our website there is a table that can help you on choosing the right blade stiffness for your weight. Also you can have a look at this video: for testing you can look for some instructor or shop in your area.
  • Asked by Lorenzo Siddi
    on 2021-08-05
    Salve, sono un atleta del Team 506 (la squadra di apnea agonistica di Bologna). Ho avuto modo di utilizzare una Taras che avete dato in prova al mio compagno di squadra Mauro Generali (atleta della nazionale indoor, nonché detentore del record italiano in dinamica con monopinna) e me ne sono innamorato. Quindi sarei intenzionato ad acquistarne una. La mia domanda è: la monopinna arriva con una sacca portapinna, o quest'ultima è venduta solo separatamente? Inoltre vorrei sapere se sia possibile effettuare la consegna presso un ufficio postale, poiché al momento sono in vacanza in Sardegna e non sono riuscito ad attivarmi prima per l'acquisto. Grazie in anticipo per l'attenzione e la disponibilità. Cordiali saluti, Lorenzo Siddi Answer:
    Buongiorno Lorenzo, La sacca va venduta separatamente. Credo non ci siano problemi a spedire presso qualsiasi indirizzo. Cordiali Saluti
  • Asked by Thomas
    on 2021-08-27
    Hi, I am looking to buy the Taras Monofin. I will use it primarily for pool. I am male, 185cm and 80 kg. Foot size 44,5. What stiffness should I choose? Are there different footpocket angles to choose from? Answer:
    Hi, we suggest stiffness 2 if you use only for the pool, stiffness 3 if you use also for cwt. There is no possibility to change angle. Best regards
  • Asked by Pavel Tomm
    on 2021-09-29
    Can you make me footpocket size between your 41-42 and 43-45? Thank you Pavel Answer:
    Hello, yes we can do custom size for you, this means no tailor made but intermediate size between those available. In this case we'll enlarge the size 41-42. You can use the custom size options during check out. best regards
  • Asked by Lola
    on 2021-10-14
    Hello. I would like to buy a monofin as a present for my friend. Would it be best if I buy her a credit note from you and she can then choose monofin of her choice or should I chose it by myself? If you suggest credit note, how high credit note would be enough for one monofin for a girl - size of her shoe is 38. Thank you. Best regards! Answer:
    Dear Lola, No problem if you need to do a present, we can do a credit note for you. the procedure can be that you buy a monofin directly by website and write in the comment box that this is a purchase for NAME and SURNAME and you requre an email. So we can send you an email reporting "this is a TARAS monofin ticket purchased for you by your name and surname"... hope this hepls Best Regards
  • Asked by Roman
    on 2021-10-16
    Hello! I am planning to order Taras monofin for CWT and DYN training. I am 187 height and 87 weight. What is the softness you recommend for me? Answer:
    Hello, we suggest stiffness number 3. Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-10-20
    What stiffness is suitable for me, if I want to use it for both dynamic pool and cwt (I also regularly train Finswimming) I am 164cm tall female and weigh 64kg. Previously I had a molchanovs softness 1.5 and I felt it was a bit too soft for me....then I tried a softness 2...but again I felt it was still too soft Any suggestion what softness for Taras would suit? Answer:
    Hello, We suggest to choose stiffness number 2 (for freediving: CWT and DYN), if you look for unique monofin for both disciplines. Otherwise it could be 1.5 for CWT and 2 for DYN. Please take into account that our stiffness scale is different from other brand. If you need to use for finswimming we suggest stiffer for example stiffness 3... Hope this helps Best Regards
  • Asked by Peter
    on 2021-11-03
    Hi, My weight is 77kg and my length is 178cm. What stiffness do you recommnend for CWT ? What stiffness do you recommend för DYN? Thanks Peter Answer:
    Hello, for CWT I suggest quite soft blade for example stiffness 2, for DYN if you prefer stiffer we suggest do not go stiffer than stiffness 3. Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-01-03
    If i order custom footpocket, is the "footpocket size" still important or you will pick the best one and make necessary adjustment ? How long can I expect wearing a "tight" or a "comfortable" fit ? any "normal" option ? Thank you Answer:
    Dear csutomer for custom footpocket option we adjsut the standard size in order to fit your size at best. Tight version is for competition, while comfortable you can wear at longer time. Best regards
  • Asked by Nin
    on 2022-02-20
    Hi, my name is Nina am I am buying Taras monofin asap :). I have 69kg, 176cm. I will use it in the pool and also for cwt (the majority of time for cwt). Would you recommend stiffnes 1,5? Thank you! Regards Answer:
    Yes for sure 1.5 stiffness should fit perfectly your needs and your body
  • Asked by JOE
    on 2022-03-23
    Hi. what is difference with Stiffness Medium-pinnato and Medium-pinnato? Answer:
    please to be more easy refer only to the number in general for freediving are more common stiffness1-to 3, for finswimming (pinnato) 4-to7.
  • Asked by Stefano
    on 2022-04-30
    Buongiorno, sono alto 167 cm, peso 72 kg, lunghezza piede 240 mm per 100 mm di larghezza. Quale misura e durezza suggerite per un uso sia in DYN che in CWT? Answer:
  • Asked by Heidi
    on 2022-06-02
    Hi! Im looking for a mono to use for DYN only. Im 166 tall and 65kg. Which stiffness would you recommend? Answer:
  • Asked by Hasse
    on 2022-06-04
    Hi. What is best stiffness for DYN pool competition use? I am 177 cm, 79 kg. Answer:
  • Asked by Fabian
    on 2022-06-07
    Hi! I can not find the table to choose blade stiffness for the "Monofin Taras". Can you tell me where to find that table? Answer:
  • Asked by Mateusz
    on 2022-06-13
    Hello! I would like to buy your monofin Taras and have three questions. (1)How does it happen that it doesn’t bend sideways? I see that Molchanovs monofin has vertical stabilizers that prevent it from bending sideways. But Cetma Taras doesn’t have them. (2) my foot size is usually between 45 and 46, while I see that your biggest is 43-45. Can you customize it to my foot? And (3) how come you don’t need to know the height of my foot? Does it not matter for an optimal fit? Answer:
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-06-13
    Hi, I am looking to purchase the Taras Monofin. I'm going to use it for openwater finswimming for 3-5km long. I normally swim with a powerfin stiffness 2 I am a male, 178cm and 73 kg. Foot size 42. What stiffness should I choose? Answer:
  • Asked by Mat
    on 2022-06-15
    Hello, I am selecting Taras monofin. I am 185cm and 82kg, and will use it for DYN and CWT. Which stiffness would you recommend? I see in your answers below that you recommended harder for CWT to Thomas but softer for CWT to Peter. Is that a mistake or are there some other factors to consider? Also, approximately how long will I stay comfortable if I select foot pocket tight and how long if I select comfortable? Thank you! Answer:

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