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CANOVA 95 FULL OPTIONAL version is provided with all accessories:
- 7,5 mm Tahitian Rod (Special Gray), double wings CETMA COMPOSITES, made of hardened PH steel tempered up to the 49 HRC hardness;
- High performance Double roll trigger system;
- Reel wheel support and Carbon Wheel Real V50 provided with 50 mt of dynema;
- Speargun Camera Bracket;
- Speargun Bag;
- Head and pre-assembled kit of Magnum Plus rubber bands with your selection propulsion system, VELA or Y system
All Accessories are made in 316L inox steel and Derlin pulleys.

Canova ZR full CARBON 95  inverter-rollergun

The CANOVA arbalete is characterized by a modern and stylish design, with soft shapes inspired by the masterpieces of the great neo-classic artist Antonio CANOVA. The study of geometries and volumes was carried out to obtain a beautiful and balanced structure, characterized by high stiffness and very low kickback. This roller is characterized by a Zero kickback proven system, and was born with Y propulsion system (this name is due to the shape of the rubbers). All these features together allow an ease of swing and great precision, never seen before in similar guns.

Carbon monocoque with high modulus and closed structure

The internal structure is manufactured with a polyfunctional closed-cell and high damping polymeric material with low density and high performance, commonly used
for aerospace applications.


The shape reminds the cuttlebone, and it is very thin, tapered towards the tip. On the upper surface, beside the integrated rod guide, there are two channels to hide the upper rubbers. On the sides there are two inclined planes that facilitate the gripping of the superior rubber and the lateral swing. All over the lower surface there is a single channel to hide the rubber propulsive system.


Very low thickness: the average thickness is only 18 mm,while the minimum thickness is 12 mm. The width ranges from 100 mm near the wheel down to 49 mm in the head.
It is available in the 95 cm length 95 cm.


Matte Anti-reflective finishing. CETMA COMPOSITES products are not painted. This is the proof of the quality of our products. In fact other carbon products, produced by other brands, are painted to hide defects due to the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is extremely innovative, and it was discovered and developed by CETMA COMPOSITES. It is called Zero Defects Technology, since it allows the production of perfect monolithic structures with Zero defects. This process maximise the performance providing outstanding stiffness and long lifetime.


ZR “Zero Recoil”, it is an inverter roller with the proven propulsion system called Zero (Zero kickback) or Y (from the shape of the rubber). The propulsion system is made with two 14 mm diameter upper rubbers, with controlled elongation, that slide on two high efficiency pulleys, and two lower pairs of 16 mm diameter rubbers.
Thanks to this solution, there is a higher mass going towards the hand of the shooter, with a consequent increase of balancing and recoil cancellation. The rubbers used for standard equipment are the new MAGMUM PLUS by CETMA COMPOSITES.

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