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Pinne dalla caratteristiche uniche al mondo, specifica per la specialità dell'apnea dinamica.

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Pinne dalla caratteristiche uniche al mondo, specifica per la specialità della pura apnea " Dinamica e Profondità". La scarpetta, realizzata da stampo, in gomma di altissima qualità è ergonomica e confortevole anche quando la si indossa  "volutamente stretta" per minimizzare la perdita di potenza e massimizzare la spinta.
Tutti i componenti: scarpette, pala, stabilizzatori laterali e verticali sono assemblati da personale altamente specializzato.
Durezza: UNICA

Numero Lunghezza piede / Foot lenght (mm) Larghezza massima / Foot width (mm)
35-36 220-225 82-85
37-38 230-235 91-93
39-40 245-250 94-96
41-42 255-260 98-100
43-45 275-280 104-107

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  • Asked by Garry Webster
    on 2020-07-07
    Hello, and greetings from Australia. I was thinking of purchasing your Mantra fins for both free-diving and spearfishing. I then noticed that you have produced a new bi-fin, the Taras, but there isn't any description, specifications, or product knowledge on where the Taras fits in to your range of bi-fins. It does appear to be a dedicated free-dive fin. Would it also be suitable for spearfishing? . . . Could you please give me a detailed comparison with the Mantra fin? Are there any videos or product reviews by Michele Giurgola? . . . the Taras is the most beautiful fin I have seen . . . Extremely cool !!! Kind regards, Garry Webster Sydney Australia +61 412 333 111 Answer:
    Hi Garry, the taras bi-fin was designed for freediving. the most important difference is in the footpocket, that is made with natural rubber This kind of footpcoket are very elastic, so the problem could be the use for long time during spearfishing. So we suggest, in the case, to select a comfortable size for your feet. Best regards
  • Asked by Ben
    on 2020-07-07
    Hello Are they already available ? And for what are they doing ? Swimming pool Dynamic bi fins ? CWT ? And what about size chart. For a 275mm foot lenght 42-43 ? Answer:
    Hi, the Taras bifin are available, you should take size according the table reported in the swing section of our website. Best regards
  • Asked by Martyn
    on 2020-08-19
    Hello, could you write technical information and description about those fins? Are they for pool disciplines or depth what is the size are foot pockets custom and is it possible to order black or any other than white colour? Thanks a lot, I love my Cetmas and would like to stay with company but some info would be very helpful:) Answer:
    Hi, from this month you can order in black color, just write a message after purchase. Best regards
  • Asked by Mo
    on 2020-09-08
    I was wear pathos foot packet 40-42! May I have any measure for check? Thank you very much! Answer:
    Hi, the Taras bifin are available in different sizes, you should take size according the table reported in the swing section of our website. Best regards
  • Asked by David Phillips
    on 2020-11-19
    Hi. Do you have some technical info about these fins? Length, width, softness offers etc. Also is the footpocket made to measure like a monofin? Answer:
    We have an unique blade stiffness available for all weight and about footpocket we have same size of taras monofin. Theyb are the most performing bi-fin available today on the market. Blade is aligned with tibia bone and in this case te effort you need for both kick forward and back is fully balanced and will produce a verry effective thrust. Furthermore the footpocket is latex rubber and it is collaborative with the elasticity of the fin. People who used this fin for the first time increased is PB of about 20% !!!
  • Asked by Carlo
    on 2020-11-26
    Salve, vorrei sapere quanto è lunga la pinna e quanto è larga. Grazie! Answer:
    Salve 65 cm in lunghezza e 18.5 cm larghezza.
  • Asked by Marcio
    on 2021-01-14
    Is it possible to choose the hardness of the blade? Answer:
    hi, the fins are produced with unique stiffness. Best regards
  • Asked by Martyn
    on 2021-02-20
    Hello, I am currently using s-wing foot pockets 45-46 size which are a bit too big for me thought it’s what what’s Recomended by measurements and there is no size 44-45. I wanted to ask if foot pocket of Taras size 43-45 is going to be ok? How it compares to s-wing 45-46 ? Is it a lot smaller or just a bit? I assume foot pockets are glued? What is total length of the fin with the foot pocket 43-45? Answer:
    Hi 43-45 taras footpockets is a smaller compared to 45-46, so it is right sie for you. The footpcokets are glued, and cannot be screwed. Total lenght is 89cm. Best regards
    on 2021-03-05
    il mio numero di scarpa è 44,5 e ma in piscina sto usando una scarpetta leaderfins tg 39/40 per massimizzare il controllo e minimizzare la dispersione di forza secondo voi quale tg sarebbe più consigliata ? Grazie Answer:
    Salve, nel suo caso suggeriamo di acquistare 41-43. Saluti
  • Asked by Andrea Muratore
    on 2021-07-19
    Buonasera, vis scrivo per sapere se le pinne Taras hanno un limite di peso dell'apneista, per essere utilizzate. Vorrei acquistarle ma vorrei capire se siano adatte ai miei 100 Kg. Grazie. Answer:
    Non c'è un limite ma sicuramente le sentirà morbide ma funzionali ;-)
  • Asked by IYY
    on 2021-07-26
    Hi! What do the fins weigh? (Size 44) Regards Answer:
  • Asked by THOMAS DUPUY
    on 2021-09-09
    More details before ordering hello, I would like to order a pair of Taras bifins. However, I need more details regarding personalized feet measures. Is thickness of the sock taken in account? My soft are 4mm thick. Is carbon hardness categorized as flexible, soft, medium or hart? I plan on practicing spearfishing with these fin at 30 to 50 meters depth. Thank you in advance for your answer best regards, Answer:
    Hello, Stiffeness is progressive if you cick narrow the feeling is soft, if you kick wide the feeling is soft-medium. Mesure do not take into account of socks. We can do custom size among those available. Check your size and eventually choose the option custom. Custom size is not tailor made footpocket this is only a size between those available.
  • Asked by roly
    on 2021-09-11
    Hi! What do the fins weigh? and what is its length and width Answer:
  • Asked by Andras
    on 2021-09-28
    Comfortable foot pocket fit means I can maybe wear a thin socks underneath? Answer:
    Hello, confort fit is always intended without socks Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-10-11
    Hi, I see I am between shoe sizes. My foot is 240 mm long and 91 mm wide. I want to wear without socks so I plan to order 37/38. Can I exchange them if they are the wrong fit? How long does it take to ship to the UK? Is shipping included? Answer:
    Hello, You can exchange by sending back to us to verify you didn't use them. Custom footpockets are not returnable. Best Regards
  • Asked by Roman
    on 2021-10-12
    Hello! I want to purchase Taras bi fins with black footpocket, white rails and white logo, but on the product page I can only select the color of the rail and the color of the logo. How to choose the color of the footpocket? Answer:
    The available color option can be choosed among those reported in the boxes below the footpockets size box. Best Regards
  • Asked by Benjamin
    on 2021-10-14
    Bonjour est il possible d'avoir la longueur de la voilure ? La dureté étant unique cette dernier est elle plutôt souple ou médium ? Cdlt Benjamin Answer:
    Hello, blade dimension are 65 cm in lenght and 18.5 cm wide. Stiffeness is progressive if you cick narrow the feeling is soft, if you kick wide the feeling is soft-medium.
  • Asked by Finn Stockbrügger
    on 2021-10-25
    Hi, my feet are 295mm long and 104 wide, do I have to get custom footpocket or could I fit in the 43-45 size ? Thanks, Finn Answer:
    Hello, we suggest to choose custom option because 43-45 is too small for you. Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-11-02
    Ho un paio delle vostre Mantra di cui sono molto soddisfatto. Sarei interessato alle Taras, è possibile avere le misure di lunghezza della pala, lunghezza totale, larghezza, e angolo di inclinazione Grazie Answer:
    Ciao, le dimensioni della pala dalla piega sono lunghezza 65 cm, larghezza 18,5 cm, per quanto riguarda l'inclinazione diciamo maggiore di 25 gradi, perché la forma della scarpetta è ad arco...
  • Asked by Raffaele
    on 2021-11-22
    salve, oltre alla sarpetta quali sono le diffarenze , sostanziali, con le dynami-tech L? Grazie Answer:
    Salve la differenza sostanziale tra dynamitech e Taras bifins è nella scarpetta. Infatti la scarpetta taras essend in gomma naturale lavora in modo collaborativo con la pala (si deforma e riesce a recuperare la deformazione in modo elastico): in questo modo si ha un sostanziale aumento delle performance della pinna. Saluti

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