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Fins with unique characteristics in the world, specific for the specialty of dynamic and deep freediving

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Fins with unique characteristics in the world, specific for the specialty of dynamic and deep freediving; comfortable and performing, to ensure the right flotation boost.
The footpockets, made by mould, in high quality natural rubber, are ergonomic and comfortable even when "deliberately tight" worn in order to minimize power loss and maximize thrust; they are designed with a high foot-blade inclination.
The underfoot, made of rubber and rubber foam with differential stiffness, has an arched and ergonomic shape to make the fit.
Durezza: UNICA

Number Foot lenght (mm) Foot width (mm)
35-36 220-225 82-85
37-38 230-235 91-93
39-40 245-250 94-96
41-42 255-260 98-100
43-45 275-280 104-107

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  • Asked by Garry Webster
    on 2020-07-07
    Hello, and greetings from Australia. I was thinking of purchasing your Mantra fins for both free-diving and spearfishing. I then noticed that you have produced a new bi-fin, the Taras, but there isn't any description, specifications, or product knowledge on where the Taras fits in to your range of bi-fins. It does appear to be a dedicated free-dive fin. Would it also be suitable for spearfishing? . . . Could you please give me a detailed comparison with the Mantra fin? Are there any videos or product reviews by Michele Giurgola? . . . the Taras is the most beautiful fin I have seen . . . Extremely cool !!! Kind regards, Garry Webster Sydney Australia +61 412 333 111 Answer:
    Hi Garry, the taras bi-fin was designed for freediving. the most important difference is in the footpocket, that is made with natural rubber This kind of footpcoket are very elastic, so the problem could be the use for long time during spearfishing. So we suggest, in the case, to select a comfortable size for your feet. Best regards
  • Asked by Ben
    on 2020-07-07
    Hello Are they already available ? And for what are they doing ? Swimming pool Dynamic bi fins ? CWT ? And what about size chart. For a 275mm foot lenght 42-43 ? Answer:
    Hi, the Taras bifin are available, you should take size according the table reported in the swing section of our website. Best regards
  • Asked by Martyn
    on 2020-08-19
    Hello, could you write technical information and description about those fins? Are they for pool disciplines or depth what is the size are foot pockets custom and is it possible to order black or any other than white colour? Thanks a lot, I love my Cetmas and would like to stay with company but some info would be very helpful:) Answer:
    Hi, from this month you can order in black color, just write a message after purchase. Best regards
  • Asked by Mo
    on 2020-09-08
    I was wear pathos foot packet 40-42! May I have any measure for check? Thank you very much! Answer:
    Hi, the Taras bifin are available in different sizes, you should take size according the table reported in the swing section of our website. Best regards
  • Asked by David Phillips
    on 2020-11-19
    Hi. Do you have some technical info about these fins? Length, width, softness offers etc. Also is the footpocket made to measure like a monofin? Answer:
    We have an unique blade stiffness available for all weight and about footpocket we have same size of taras monofin. Theyb are the most performing bi-fin available today on the market. Blade is aligned with tibia bone and in this case te effort you need for both kick forward and back is fully balanced and will produce a verry effective thrust. Furthermore the footpocket is latex rubber and it is collaborative with the elasticity of the fin. People who used this fin for the first time increased is PB of about 20% !!!
  • Asked by Carlo
    on 2020-11-26
    Salve, vorrei sapere quanto è lunga la pinna e quanto è larga. Grazie! Answer:
    Salve 65 cm in lunghezza e 18.5 cm larghezza.
  • Asked by Marcio
    on 2021-01-14
    Is it possible to choose the hardness of the blade? Answer:
    hi, the fins are produced with unique stiffness. Best regards
  • Asked by Martyn
    on 2021-02-20
    Hello, I am currently using s-wing foot pockets 45-46 size which are a bit too big for me thought it’s what what’s Recomended by measurements and there is no size 44-45. I wanted to ask if foot pocket of Taras size 43-45 is going to be ok? How it compares to s-wing 45-46 ? Is it a lot smaller or just a bit? I assume foot pockets are glued? What is total length of the fin with the foot pocket 43-45? Answer:
    Hi 43-45 taras footpockets is a smaller compared to 45-46, so it is right size for you. The footpcokets are glued, and cannot be screwed. Total lenght is 89cm. Best regards
    on 2021-03-05
    il mio numero di scarpa è 44,5 e ma in piscina sto usando una scarpetta leaderfins tg 39/40 per massimizzare il controllo e minimizzare la dispersione di forza secondo voi quale tg sarebbe più consigliata ? Grazie Answer:
    Salve, nel suo caso suggeriamo di acquistare 41-43. Saluti
  • Asked by Andrea Muratore
    on 2021-07-19
    Buonasera, vis scrivo per sapere se le pinne Taras hanno un limite di peso dell'apneista, per essere utilizzate. Vorrei acquistarle ma vorrei capire se siano adatte ai miei 100 Kg. Grazie. Answer:
    Non c'è un limite ma sicuramente le sentirà morbide ma funzionali ;-)
  • Asked by IYY
    on 2021-07-26
    Hi! What do the fins weigh? (Size 44) Regards Answer:
  • Asked by THOMAS DUPUY
    on 2021-09-09
    More details before ordering hello, I would like to order a pair of Taras bifins. However, I need more details regarding personalized feet measures. Is thickness of the sock taken in account? My soft are 4mm thick. Is carbon hardness categorized as flexible, soft, medium or hart? I plan on practicing spearfishing with these fin at 30 to 50 meters depth. Thank you in advance for your answer best regards, Answer:
    Hello, Stiffeness is progressive if you cick narrow the feeling is soft, if you kick wide the feeling is soft-medium. Mesure do not take into account of socks. We can do custom size among those available. Check your size and eventually choose the option custom. Custom size is not tailor made footpocket this is only a size between those available.
  • Asked by roly
    on 2021-09-11
    Hi! What do the fins weigh? and what is its length and width Answer:
  • Asked by Andras
    on 2021-09-28
    Comfortable foot pocket fit means I can maybe wear a thin socks underneath? Answer:
    Hello, confort fit is always intended without socks Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-10-11
    Hi, I see I am between shoe sizes. My foot is 240 mm long and 91 mm wide. I want to wear without socks so I plan to order 37/38. Can I exchange them if they are the wrong fit? How long does it take to ship to the UK? Is shipping included? Answer:
    Hello, You can exchange by sending back to us to verify you didn't use them. Custom footpockets are not returnable. Best Regards
  • Asked by Roman
    on 2021-10-12
    Hello! I want to purchase Taras bi fins with black footpocket, white rails and white logo, but on the product page I can only select the color of the rail and the color of the logo. How to choose the color of the footpocket? Answer:
    The available color option can be choosed among those reported in the boxes below the footpockets size box. Best Regards
  • Asked by Benjamin
    on 2021-10-14
    Bonjour est il possible d'avoir la longueur de la voilure ? La dureté étant unique cette dernier est elle plutôt souple ou médium ? Cdlt Benjamin Answer:
    Hello, blade dimension are 65 cm in lenght and 18.5 cm wide. Stiffeness is progressive if you cick narrow the feeling is soft, if you kick wide the feeling is soft-medium.
  • Asked by Finn Stockbrügger
    on 2021-10-25
    Hi, my feet are 295mm long and 104 wide, do I have to get custom footpocket or could I fit in the 43-45 size ? Thanks, Finn Answer:
    Hello, we suggest to choose custom option because 43-45 is too small for you. Best Regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-11-02
    Ho un paio delle vostre Mantra di cui sono molto soddisfatto. Sarei interessato alle Taras, è possibile avere le misure di lunghezza della pala, lunghezza totale, larghezza, e angolo di inclinazione Grazie Answer:
    Ciao, le dimensioni della pala dalla piega sono lunghezza 65 cm, larghezza 18,5 cm, per quanto riguarda l'inclinazione diciamo maggiore di 25 gradi, perché la forma della scarpetta è ad arco...
  • Asked by Raffaele
    on 2021-11-22
    salve, oltre alla sarpetta quali sono le diffarenze , sostanziali, con le dynami-tech L? Grazie Answer:
    Salve la differenza sostanziale tra dynamitech e Taras bifins è nella scarpetta. Infatti la scarpetta taras essend in gomma naturale lavora in modo collaborativo con la pala (si deforma e riesce a recuperare la deformazione in modo elastico): in questo modo si ha un sostanziale aumento delle performance della pinna. Saluti
  • Asked by Alex
    on 2022-02-06
    Why are there no large sizes 47-48? When will they? Answer:
    dear customer, if you send the measure of your feet to info@cetmacomposites.it, we try to see feasibility. Best regards
  • Asked by Ken
    on 2022-03-05
    Hi Do you have instructor discount? Answer:
    Not in general sometimes we apply some discounts in change of advertising
  • Asked by Claire PARIS
    on 2022-03-05
    I have a competition coming up --when can I expect to receive the bifins? I am the current USA DYNB Record Holder and would live to represent the brand. Answer:
    We normally require 15 working days after the payment
  • Asked by Arnaud
    on 2022-03-07
    Hello, I am interested in taras. The length of my foot is 264mm, is the size 41 42 suitable or will it be too small. Thank you in advance. Answer:
    264mm lenght should be 41-42 tight, also white footpocket is softer than black rubber...
  • Asked by JH
    on 2022-03-14
    can i heat gun the natural rubber? Answer:
    No you can damage it, because it is vulcanized rubber so no termoformable any more when process is finished...
  • Asked by Simone
    on 2022-03-24
    Buongiorno. E' possibile sapere il peso orientativo di una taras bifins con scarpetta numero 43-45?Grazie Answer:
    Trova tutti prezzi sul sito basta registrarsi oppure mettere l'articolo nel carrello
  • Asked by Charline
    on 2022-03-30
    Hello, I would like to know your recommendations on the use of the Tara’s bi-fines. Pace and frequency of swimming to get the best performance? Best regard Answer:
    The only recomandation is not widen too much and find your frequence alone because it vary from each person and weight ;-)
  • Asked by PS
    on 2022-04-01
    What is the difference between a comfortable and tight foot pocket fit? Which one should I choose? Answer:
    tight is lightly smaller than your exact size confort is sam of your or little bigger...cplease consider it is natural rubber and it shoul act like rubber band...
  • Asked by POGGI Alexis
    on 2022-04-06
    HI, I'm 190 cm tall, I weigh 90 kg, and I have a lot of power in my legs, are these fins ideal for me? I practice deep apnea and also DYN I bought you the MANTRA CWT in MEDIUM but I have the feeling that they are too soft for me. what do you recommend me ? And I would also like to take you mantra monofin in hardness 3 is it good in your opinion ? Answer:
    TARAS mono in stiffness 3 with black footpocket should be ok for you. About bifins taras we produce an unique stiffness and probably you can feel them bit soft. but anyway black footpocket are bit stiffer than white ones.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-05-02
    Hi I want to buy taras bi fins for a freediving competitions, so I want to ask if I choose the custom footpocket is better to choose tight or comfortable footpocket?? Answer:
    Dear customer, for competition we suggest tight version. But then it depens if you tolerate the ressure on your feet of the rubber.Best regards
  • Asked by Carlos
    on 2022-05-20
    Very interested in the Taras fins! How much is shipping cost to Colombia and how can I find out more about a potential disscount in exchange for advertisement? Answer:
    Dear customer, please proceed with the order on the webiste and see the price options. Best regards
  • Asked by HAMAD ALHAJRI
    on 2022-05-23
    welcome all I want to try the unique fin Because I love diving in the depths and spearfishing Do you recommend it since you first bought it? Is it suitable for spearfishing and pool diving training? note My height is 161 I weigh 65 Running shoe 42 I will send you the correct measurements Please kindly open it via e-mail vip.qtttr@gmail.com Answer:
    Dear customer, taras bifins were not designed for spearfishing (even if somebody uses the taras bifins for this scope). anyay for the other needs they are vey easy to be used. Best regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-06-19
    Buonasera, sto pensando di cambiare pinne e pensavo alle Taras. Faccio prevalentemente dinamica in piscina. Non ho molto muscolo ed ho un problema alle anche percui non devo avere pinne troppo dure. Al momento ho delle Gft Onda in vetro resina. Answer:
    Salve, le taras sono delle pale progressive, quindi andranno bene per le sue esigenze. Saluti
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-06-21
    Buonasera, non riesco a trovare la lunghezza e la larghezza e peso delle pinne taras. Grazie Answer:
    Salve, la larghezza è 180mm, la lunghezza dalla scarpetta alla punta è 600mm. Il peso dipende dalla scarpetta è comunque la cosa importante è che la pinna sia quasi neutra in acqua (leggermente positive)
  • Asked by Karin
    on 2022-07-23
    Dear reader, I'm looking for Taras bi fins for indoor competition. Can you tell me what stiffness I should buy with your fins? Im 1.72 cm and 57 kg and normal shoesize is 39. I also thinking about using comfortable food pockets, is that alright for competition too? Last, Im used to wear socks now 1,5 mm because of my ankles, what would you recommend to wear in the footpockets? Answer:
    Dear Customer, taras bifins have unique stiffness option which should be ok for your dimensions. Taras model are designed for competitions. if so we suggest to choose well tight without socks.
  • Asked by xavier
    on 2022-07-23
    Hello, what is the best way to protect the footpoket and facilitate the contact between foot and footpocket on TARAS ? Some people say : soap, other people say : silicone grease. What is the best product to lubricate without harming the rubber of the TARAS footpockets ? Answer:
    Both method are used. Maybe silicone grease being more persistant can be helpful also to help in undress
  • Asked by Timothy
    on 2022-08-15
    Hi Cetma Team, I'm planning to purchase a custom foot pocket for Cetma Taras bifins, but I'd like to confirm the sizing measurement here. I have a longer index toe than my big toe. My question is, should I input the length of my feet based on my index toe OR my big toe as the starting/end point? Thank you Answer:
    Yes overall lenght
  • Asked by Leonardo Salinas
    on 2022-08-17
    Hi my foot is 270mm long and 110mm width I I would rather like a comfortable fitting, which standard size should I take Answer:
    you should choose custom footpocket putting your size
  • Asked by Emily
    on 2022-08-28
    I'd like to buy taras monofin and Taras bifins! but I'm not sure what softness and tightness is right for me, as well as European foot size. I'm usually a 39-40, but it changes depending on company, I've also worn 38. I am US women's size 8. Is there a customer service person I can talk to about options? Answer:
    hello, please check it out the size with your measures here: https://freediving.cetmacomposites.it/en/home/74-monofin-taras.html if you need help please you can call or whatsapp +39 347 90 25 799
  • Asked by baby chick
    on 2022-09-08
    Hello, Cetma Composites team. I am thinking of purchasing your TARAS bi-fins for my first carbon & freediving fins. Could you help me choose the best size? My foot size is 226-227mm without socks. I have tried your PRANA fins with s-wing foot pockets of size 35-36 and it perfectly fit my feet, though my toes were a little bit sticking out of the front holes of the foot pockets. I usually wear shoes like sneakers of size 235mm because I need some space between my toes and shoes. In my case, which foot pocket size is the best, 35-36 or 37-38? Some TARAS users (including national/world record holders) seem to wear their fins with fin socks. If I dive with TARAS wearing fin socks, do I need to choose 37-38? I would be happy if I could get your advice. Thanks! Answer:
    Yes we suggest 37-38
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2022-09-08
    Are the fin’s suitable for constant use, both for training and competition on, so almost a daily basis, and comfortable enough for long periods of time? Answer:
    Yes taras bi fins are also for constant weight use actually they are world champions fins in constant weight. to use for training and competition we suggest do not choose too tight footpockets in this manner you can use for long period of time.
  • Asked by Natale
    on 2022-09-11
    Bonjour J'ai le pied d qui fait 259mm long et95 mm large ET pied g 256mm long et 89mm large, quelle taille dois je prendre? Intérêt d'un chausson personnalisé Merci Answer:
    a good option is to choose 41-42 and use half socks on both feet
  • Asked by Fabian
    on 2022-09-20
    What is the reason for only one unique stiffness in the blades? I am really interested to know. Is it due to scientific reasons because of the special design of the footpockets. Really curious here, as stiffness seems to be everyone‘s number one issue when buying not only carbon fins. Answer:
  • Asked by Paula
    on 2022-10-17
    Hi, I want to know more about the difference between the tight fit and the comfortable fit in the taras bifins. How loose if the comfortable fit? Who do you recommend should choose the tight fit, and who should choose the comfortable fit? Answer:
    In the table reported on the taras page there is a range for each size. For example for size 37-38 length is in a range of 230-235 mm, so if your measure is more close to 230 this is confort fit, you are more close to 230 this is more tight. Some competitors for example which measures is 235-240 choose the same 37-38, in this case this will be very tight. If your measurements are not in the range we can do custom enlarging the footpockets to reach intermediate size between those reported in the table. But please take into account that material is natural rubber so you’ll not receive exactly the measure written because we take into account the rubber elasticity.
  • Asked by Pascal
    on 2022-10-28
    Bonjour Quel modèle pour de la profondeur entre 50 et 60 m Answer:
    taras bifins is strongly suggested
  • Asked by Lee Jian Li
    on 2022-11-09
    Good Afternoon Cetma Team, my foot is exactly 270mm. However, my intention to buy this fins is for training and recreation purpose. May i know what size you do you recommend? Answer:
    Good Afternoon, for 270 lenght we suggest custom footpockets, basically it will be an enlarged 41-42. Best Regards
  • Asked by Anna
    on 2022-11-13
    Hi, if i order custom foot pocket taras bi fins, whats the honest order time at the moment? Thanks Answer:
    Goodmorning leading time at moment is around 14 day more or less
  • Asked by Anna
    on 2022-11-13
    Sorry forgot to ask, regarding custom foot pocket, do you add an arch support inside? And measuring the foot there is no mention if the weight is on the foot or not, this makes a difference in the measuring and we dont stand our weight in our fins, please clarify? Thanks Answer:
    we don't add any arch support, the correct measuring should be staying sit with the weight on the foot.
  • Asked by Vittorio Andreatta
    on 2022-12-05
    Buongiorno come da accordi telefonici vorrei acquistare le pinne Taras io porto il 43/44 di piede con scarpe da ginnastica ho provato le taras di Stefano Bilos taglia 41/42 mi andavano bene solo un po corte. Le userei principalmente in dinamica a piede scalzo pero non le vorrei troppo strette. Al telefono Michele Giurgola mi ha consigliato di prendere la taglia 41/42 e farla customizzare. Io Avendo il piede molto magro il collo piede basso. miseure piedi 28cm lunghezza 10/11cm larghezza. Un caro saluto Vittorio Andreatta istruttore Rane Nere Trento. cell. 3478630878. come da accordi attendo coopoon per sconto. Answer:
  • Asked by Tracy
    on 2023-01-04
    Hello there, Is there any chance you can make Taras bifins in red again? Answer:
  • Asked by Søren
    on 2023-01-30
    Hi Cetma i am going to order som tara bifins. i have a question regarding som bunion i have on both my feet. my question is. at my bunion the width of my foot is 102 mm and by the heel it only 64 mm is that possible. question nr. two. My size is between 250 mm and 255 mm what length do i choose. Answer:
  • Asked by Rodrigo
    on 2023-01-30
    Hello, how is the Stiffness of the blades? In order to understand how they behave, are they progressive(wide angle legs finning) or reactive(short angle legs, knee and ankle work finning)? Thanks from Brazil Answer:
    It is not fully cover neither of those category, but we can say for sure that it helps in narrowing the finning, thus reducing the knee bending, in a very natural and easy way.
  • Asked by Hichem
    on 2023-02-27
    Hello, is the foot pocket detachable from the blade? to unmount and remount during travel. Answer:
    Hello,the foot pockets of Taras are not detachable from the blades . Kind regards
  • Asked by Lorenzo
    on 2023-03-17
    C'è un limite di peso per le taras? Le utilizzerei per dinamica e assetto costante Answer:
    Salve ,le Taras bifins sono specifiche per la specialità dell'apnea dinamica e profonda ,non c'è limite di peso ,sono realizzate con un'unica rigidezza. Saluti
  • Asked by Nannaphat
    on 2023-03-29
    Hello I am interested in purchasing Taras. On the website, it does not specify what color the foot pocket is. How do I choose a black footlocker when ordering? Answer:
    Hello,yes you can choose the footpockets color where it says : "Colore Scarpetta e Water Rail" you can choose between black and white. Kind Regards
  • Asked by Thierry Lebastard
    on 2023-04-10
    Bonjour, Je suis intéressé par vos bi palmes TARAS customize footpockets. Je souhaiterai savoir ce que veulent dire Dx et Sx ? et quelle différence ? Cordialement Thierry Answer:
    Bonjour , fait référence à la personnalisation du pied droit (DX) et du pied gauche (SX). Ciao
  • Asked by Tomas
    on 2023-04-14
    Hi there, I would like to ask you two questions. How big stiffness difference is between black and white footpockets? Where can I choose footpocket colour? Because there is only option to choose size, water rail colour and logo colour. Thank you and have a nice day Answer:
    Hi ,the difference between white and black rubber could be between 0 -5%,sometimes can happen that black color could be harder . you can choose the color of the foot pockets here :"Colore Scarpetta e Water Rail" Best regards
  • Asked by Hosam Zowawi
    on 2023-04-15
    Hi, I am interested to get a pair of Taras bi-fin and a mono fin customized for my size and weight. I will need them for the upcoming world competition in Kuwait, which will commence on the 8th of May. Your website shows that you need 15 days to prepare the orders but will you be able to kindly consider to process my request urgently so I can receive my shipment before the end of April? I live in Saudi Arabia and I may place the order through your reseller JFS in Jeddah. On a different note, I would like to explore the opportunity of having a significant discount/sponsorship for this purchase in return for representing your sponsorship. I’m a 2nd place national champion for dynamic indoor pool freediving, an international polo athlete, infectious diseases professor, caves explorer, filmmaker and Rolex Laureate. I thus have generated quite a number of followers on Twitter and SnapChat and I’ll be happy to share my experience with your fins. I’ll also be delighted to be on your website. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Many thanks, Hosam Answer:
    Hi, the manufacture of Taras mono takes about 15 days, from our website you can choose the option "customize" and enter all the measurements. Kind regards
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2023-05-16
    I have flat feet. Do the pockets have arches built into them? Answer:
    HI ,Taras footpocket is also suitable for flat feet .We suggest the customization of the pockets. Regards
  • Asked by Roy
    on 2023-05-23
    Hi there, I'm located in Canada and I'm trying to place an order for the Taras bifins but Canada doesn't show as an option for deliveries. How can I make the fins delivered to me here? Answer:
    Hello, you can contact us by e-mail : info@cetmacomposites.it Thank you
  • Asked by Ryszard
    on 2023-05-28
    Hello from Canada. I would like to order pair of your TARAS by-fins. Before placing my order I would like to confirm if my measurement and choice of size is right. This is also an issue, because my right foot appears to be some 5mm longer than the left one. The question is, if I can send you two outlines (scan of footprint of my foot) for you to look at, and if you would help me to order the right size. Second question is about socks. I sometimes use 1.5mm neoprene socks in colder water - are your recommended foot pocket size would allow me to wear the socks, or socks are not recommended to use with TARAS by-fins? Answer:
    Hello, all you need to do is choosing from our website the option "customize" and enter all the measurements of your feet as they are ;we all have one foot shorter than the other. With the custom footpocket option we adjsut the standard size in order to fit your size at best. Taras model are designed for competitions, if so we suggest to choose them well tight without socks infact "tight" version is for competition, while "comfortable "you can wear for longer time. Best regards

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