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Canova 95 full carbon speargun

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Canova 95 full carbon speargun
Inverter-roll speargun with an elegant and modern design, with sinuous shape inspired to the masterpieces of the great Italian neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova.
The study of the geometries and volumes, besides than aesthetical, is aimed to the balance of loads, to the maximization of the flexural stiffness and to the minimization of the recoil.
These astonishing features are designed in order to improve accuracy, precision and the easy to use.

Monolithic high modulus carbon fibre, closed and hollow structure.
The internal core structure is made of a polymeric multifunctional material with low density, with structural performance suited for Aerospace applications. The close cell polymer core is also designed to damping vibration during shot.

CANOVA 95 has a cuttlebone shape, very thin in the tip. On the upper side, next to the integral shaft rail, two channels to hide rubber bands can be observed, and two very inclined planes with above the name of the gun CANOVA 95 and CETMA COMPOSITES logo in ancient gold letters.
On the lower side there is a unique cannel to contain the propulsive system of the rubber bands. On its sides there are two inclined planes that connect to the superior ones to create the cuttlebone shape.

Very thin thickness, only 18 mm as mean, with minimum thickness of only 12 mm. Wide variable from 100 mm in the reel area to 49 mm in the tip area.
Shot useful length 95 cm

Anti glare matte. All CETMA COMPOSITES products are NOT painted, this is quality warranty. In fact often low quality product are painted to cover defects resulting from poor processing.
The very innovative manufacturing process, discovered and studied by CETMA COMPOSITES and named “ZERO DEFECTS TECHNOLOGY”, allows the production of a totally monolithic carbon composite component with zero voids content.

Propulsion system
ZR is for “zero recoil” system.
CANOVA is a roller provided with the well-known ZERO (zero recoil) propulsive system also referred as Y system from the way to assemble rubber bands.
This system is made with a pair 14 mm rubber band with “controlled elongation” running on a pair of high-performance pulleys on the upper side. These upper rubber bands are connected to two couple of high power 16 mm rubber bands located on lower side.
During the shot a higher rubber mass moves toward the shooter balancing the shaft movement thus resulting in high stability and recoil reduction.

Standard accessories*

CANOVA speargun is always supplied full accessorized and ready to fishing.
Standard mounting includes:
-7 mm Tahitian shaft with double barbs, made of  17.4 PH rebored stainless steel tempered tempered up to 49 HRC hardness.
-Camera mounting system;
-carbon reel with 50 m of dynema;
-assembled ZR rubber bands system made with new higher power MAGMUM PLUS rubber by CETMA COMPOSITES.
*all accessories are always included in the selling price.

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