Footpockets Cetma Composites s-WiNG White

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Footpockets s-WiNG for carbon fiber fins, key features:

1) Foot on carbon: the new s-WING footpocket by CETMA COMPOSITES enable a longer blade portion under the foot, basically, using CETMA COMPOSITES blades the foot is totally layed on carbon blades. Blade portion under the blade is 60% longer compared conventional blades. This feature improve the load transfer and comfort.

2) Sky-boot like: The design of the new s-WiNG footpockets include several high stiffness bands which are studied to hold the foot completely firm and constrained (from tip to big toe). This feature enable to better transfer the foot driving force reducing almost to zero dissipation due to rubber deformations.

3) High stiffness sole: The new s-WiNG footpocket has a stiffened sole, this avoid deformation of footpocket sole under blade load, enabling the use of all kind of blades. The blade pouch stiffness allows the blade to be perfectly constrained and to increase by 30% the efficiency of the any blade

4) Open flow system: the new s-WiNG footpocket is designed to canalize the water flow creating a channel beside the foot, this "without spars" system has been studied to optimize the hydrodynamic efficiency.

5) Twinzer system: The new s-WiNG footpocket is designed with two vertical stabilizers which avoid the sideslip motion, also enabling to canalize water in an effective manner.

6) Anti-twist System: the front structure of s-WiNG footpocket is designed with a higher stiffness U-shape reinforcement to stabilize the blade thus avoiding rotations in longitudinal axis.

7) Comfort: the new s-WiNG footpocket has been designed to maximize comfort by wrapping and following the foot shape of the foot anatomically, this thanks to 7 size available from 35 to 48.

8) Hi-efficiency Water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES well known Hi Efficiency water rail minimizes the rubber content to increase the efficiency of the blade thanks to variable height design.

9) No Weight material: Material used for s-WiNG footpocket is an innovative rubber blend combining the high elasticity of natural rubber with durability of thermoplastic rubber. The  results is a material density of 1.05 (grams/cubic centimeters) which means no weight in the water.

Size [mm] of footpockets for choosing the size

EUROPEAN SIZE Max Length Max Width Instep Circumference
35-36 220 86,5 243
37-38 230 92 260
39-40 245 97 271
41-42 260 101 286
43-44 270 107 300
45-46 280 111 314
47-48 295 117 330

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  • Asked by Lakambini Alto-LaRocque
    on 2019-02-07
    Can I attach the Leaderfins Ice Fiberglass blades to this white footpocket? size 37-38. Answer:
    Hi, yes you can do. Best regards
  • Asked by Anna
    on 2019-04-20
    Salve ho acquistato la vostra scarpetta Black come calzata non mi trovo male faticoso è risultato indossarla con mare leggermente formato le white sono leggermente più morbide per agevolare la calzata ? Answer:
    Salve, la durezza delle scarpette non dipende dal colore.Saluti
  • Asked by marcos churio
    on 2019-06-20
    i have a really wide foot and was wondering if the rubber stretches a little sideways Answer:
    Hi, a little bit yes. Moreover you can enlarge them by applying heat with an heater. Best regards
  • Asked by Natsumi
    on 2019-07-10
    I tried 37-38 but it was bigger for my bare feet. 35-36 is small for me..Therefore I'd like to know do you have plan to make 36-37?? Answer:
    Hi, you can ask for enlarged 35-36. You can do it writing a message after or during purchase, writing a message with the measures of your feet. Best regards
  • Asked by Angela Leibinger
    on 2019-09-17
    Is there any shop in Taiwan or Tokyo were I could try the foot pockets? Answer:
    Hi, in Taiwan you can contact tiffany Lin , in Japan you can contact TokyoDC shop.
  • Asked by MyLoDiVe
    on 2020-04-23
    Hello there any shop in Greece were I could try the foot pockets? Answer:
    Sorry we don't have shop in Greece but you can consider to choose a larger size compared to mares. For example if you have mares footpockets 43-44 , you have to choose s-wing 45-46 and so on...if yo have 42-44 pathos, you have to choose s-wing 43-44. If you have beuchat you have to conside same sizes of s-wing.
  • Asked by paolo
    on 2020-07-14
    vorrei acquistare le s-wing . Ho già una scarpetta razol, mi chiedevo se sulla razol porto la misura 45/46 posso prendere la stessa misura anche sulle s-wing ...ho preso visione della tabella ma non è la stessa cosa di indossarle ! Answer:

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