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Carbon Blades PRANA key features:

1) Blades 75% carbon fibre and 25 % S-glass fibre(aeronautic high resistance glass).
2) The blades are made of 100% epoxy PRE-PREG produced with hot melt system and micro-toughened tetra-functional resin.
3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary Technology, of CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade.
4) FEM Design: PRANA blades are optimized trough an accurate Design by means of Finite Element Softwares (FEM). The Design trough FEM software allows an optimized distribution of the stiffness, with the aim to obtain a deformation able to ensure the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.
5) Dimensions: Width 185mm; Length from the bending angle 667 mm; bending angle 33 degrees.
6) Available stiffness: soft (S), medium (M).
7) Colour choice: Yellow, Orange, Red.
8) Footpocket fitting: CETMA COMPOSITES, Mares and Pathos.
9) Water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES Water rails with variable height and high efficiency.
10) Warranty: 2 years on carbon parts; 5 years if fitted with CETMA COMPOSITES footpocket ( Find out more ).

PRANA blades selector
(medium length carbon blade, reactive blade feeling, increased bending angle for horizontal swim)


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  • Asked by makis
    on 2018-03-22
    hello again i am interested for your fins but I would like to ask you why you create blades with such a big difference on angle (33), in relation to the most of the other brands which create blades between 22-24 angles. I do spearfishing and i do not know if the 33 angle is possible to create any difficulties for me during spearfishing. I understand that an angle of the 33 degrees possibly will make the horizontal swimming on the surface easier, but what about the rest of the needs of a spear fisherman, maneuverability during diving and control of the body? thank u Answer:
    Hi, it is not true that other brands use 22-24 degrees (for carbon blades), in fact last trend is to increase bending angle because this makes easier the use of the blades in different conditions, for example in the horizontal swimming. The actual trend is to use 27° for pure apnea and higher angles for spearfishing.
  • Asked by benny
    on 2019-04-28
    ciao o comprato le pinne prana medium , ma peso 75kg pensate che posso uzarli ugualmente o saranno troppo duri io le uso per la pescasubacquea Answer:
    Salve, le soft sono la celta più adatta per il suo peso, ma anche le medium dovrebbero andare bene. Saluti
  • Asked by Tullio
    on 2019-05-21
    Le vostre pale montano su scarpetta seatec? Answer:
    Salve, le nostre pale non montano su scarpetta seatec. Saluti