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The first monofin in the world with improved stability TARAS don't bend in transversal direction thus really improving efficiency.

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The monofin is specifically designed for freediving or finswimming.The blade is a “technology jewel” produced with the most advanced processes using high moduls and high strength carbon fiber, resulting from aerospace sector. Blade stiffness distribution is accurately designed by FEM in both, tranversal and longitudinal, directions, to minimize the transversal bending thus avoiding lateral pressure drops.

This engineerized stiffness distribution enable the transversal shape stability, also in strong kicking, thus producing a great thrust with minimal muscular effort (high efficiency).
The footpocket is ergonomical and comfortable. It is molded with high quality rubber and can be worn tight yet maintaining a comfortable fit, minimizes power consumption and produces maximal thrust.
All monofin subcomponents, blade, footpockets, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, are assembled by qualified technicians.
Features list:
1. Foot/blade inclination: high angle.
2. The underplanter, made differential stiffness rubber and rubber foam, has an arched and ergonomic shape to make a powerfull and comfortable fit;
3. The monofin has a buoyancy positive thrust of about 200 grams (2 N);
4. The blade is 100% carbon fiber both IM7 and High Modulus;
5. The material used is 100 % Carbon Prepreg produced with hot melt impregnation system, using a micro-toughened tetra-functional epoxy resin.
6. 3D-Tech: Proprietary Technology, of CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade.
7. FEM Design: TARAS blades are optimized trough an accurate Design by means of Finite Element Softwares (FEM). The Design trough FEM software allows an optimized distribution of the stiffness, with the aim to obtain a deformation ensuring the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency;
8. Dimensions: L (Length) = 70 cm; W (width) = 70cm; H (height) = 10 cm.
9. Weight: 2.13 kg.

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  • Asked by Chris Ellem
    on 2018-02-25
    What is the furthest somehas swam DYN with this fin? Answer:
    At the momente one of the best results was 232 metres by Alessandro Zacheo at Italian indoor championship...
  • Asked by Angelo Masera
    on 2018-04-10
    Buongiorno, sarei interessato all'acquisto di questa MONO ma mi piacerebbe provarla. Come è possibile e dove fare delle prove? Grazie, Angelo Answer:
    Buongiorno, abbiamo un nostro atleta che può fargliela provare presso y-40. Anche i Puglia presso diverse piscine potremmo organizzare una prova con atleti che già la posseggono. Le consiglio invece di contattarci per capire quali sono le sue esigenze. Cordiali Saluti
  • Asked by Alexander Sidorov
    on 2018-10-03
    The footpockets - are they soft or hard rubber , any micropore inliner inside ? Could you email me closer photo shots of footpockets , its very important for me . Thank you Answer:
  • Asked by Alexander Sidorov
    on 2018-10-03
    Can you make foot pocket custom made to measure ? And what kind of fit is it - soft , hard , wide or narrow ?? Answer:
    Hi, the footpockets are made to measure, and you can ask how you want the footpocket fit.
  • Asked by Amerigo Morán
    on 2018-11-10
    Hello guys, i am looking for the best monofin for freediving competitions, my name is Amerigo Morán, freediving instructor, judge AIDA and PADI, and i have some central american freediving records, i want to improve my performance, i just got some sponsors to help me buy these equipment. so i would like to now if you can give any discount for competitors / instructors.? thank you very much Answer:
    Please write a private message to
  • Asked by Giambattista Canova
    on 2019-02-06
    Buongiorno! Vorrei sapere disponibilità di questa monopinna, tempi di consegna e che tipo di rigidezza consigliate per utilizzo gare da 3-4 km Eventualmente per provarla, a chi mi posso rivolgere? Calzo 41 Grazie, Giambattista da Biella Answer:
    Salve nel suo caso suggeriamo la rigidezza 2. Per la prova organizzeremo qualcosa a breve, per cui le consigliamo di seguirci su facebook. Saluti
  • Asked by Jason Marshall
    on 2020-02-05
    Would the Taras monofin be suited to, and effective in sprint racing for finswimming with distances of between 50m and 200m? Answer:
    Hi for this need fater you purchase a monofin, you should send a message writing you need a monofin for finswimming. For this purpose we ship monofin stiffness 4 or 5, depending on your weight. Best regards
  • Asked by Marco
    on 2020-06-23
    Per assetto costante,che rigidità di pala è consigliata? Io peso 90 kg, Answer:
    consigliamo vivamente una mantra cwt media
  • Asked by Cory
    on 2020-09-06
    I weigh between 185lb - 190lb, which blade stiffness should I go with? Thank you! Answer:
    Hi, it depens of your needs. If you need the monofin for CWT and dynamitech, you should select stiffness 3
  • Asked by Martin Wikström
    on 2020-10-05
    Hi ! I am not sure what stifness to use. There are 6 levels. I like a soft fin in deepdiving but a medium in pooldiving. What is the appropriate stiffness to use for me ? Answer:
    Lot of athletes with similar needs of yours are choosing number 2. I'm sure it right choose for you. Best Regards
  • Asked by Laura
    on 2020-10-20
    How are the foot pockets and underplanter attached to the fin? It looks like holes for pins? Answer:
    It's all stick by proper glue, like all traditional monofin. There aren't any pins or screews. Best Regards
  • Asked by Ashod Papazian
    on 2020-11-03
    Hello My height is 172cm Weight 72kg Need mono for deep comfortable apnea. So which stifness, 1-3 Answer:
    Hello, In my opinion stiffness number 2 is a confortable choose for your wheight and height. Best Regards
  • Asked by jojo
    on 2020-11-07
    How to determine the size of the footpockets? Answer:
    the first approach is the size of your shoes, for example if you have shoes size 43, we suggest footpocket 43-44. Another check is the size table we have on our web site here:

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