High Performance Water Rails

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High performance water rails compatible with all composite blades. Profile height is variable, it gradually become higher near the fin tip. This improve the efficiency of the blades, reducing also the excess of rubber on your blades. These water rails are also usable as spare part of all our blades, if you want change the color.
Package contains 4 water rails. Available colors are green, magenta, red, yellow, orange, black.

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  • Asked by Andrea
    on 2017-07-04
    Che tipo di colla di deve usare per la sostituzione dei profili canalizzatori? Answer:
    Salve, per incollare i profili canalizzatori è sufficiente utilizzare un adesivo cianacrilato (tipo Attack). Saluti
  • Asked by Ilie Iulian
    on 2018-02-25
    Salve una ano fa o squisito un paio di pinne prana tramite scola apnea one breth ma le canalizzatori si sono rotti ,vorrei sapere come cambiarli grazie Answer:
    Salve, possiamo spedirle un kit di ricambio, e potrà trovare la guida per rimuovere i vecchi profili e montare i nuovi sul nostro sito. In alternativa può inviarci le pale in assistenza. saluti
  • Asked by Brandon
    on 2018-04-10
    Does this come with adhesive? Is it ok to cut the tendons on pathos pockets shorter? Answer:
    Normally they don't came with adhesive, but you can simply use cyanoacrylate based glue (like superglue, attack, loctite, ecc.). We always suggest to shorten the pockets spars this improve the performnace of the blade
  • Asked by Justinas
    on 2018-07-07
    Helo, What is the leinght of water rails. I need 75 centimeters each. Answer:
    I, our waterails are 80cm long. You can cut exceeding length. Best regards
  • Asked by Eric
    on 2018-07-12
    Hello I am looking for High Performance Water Rails, but I have a little bit confuse for the qty description. Do qty 1 is means a pair of High Performance Water Rails? Or the qty 1 is means only one High Performance Water Rail? I have to change my Mantra rails for both blade, looking forward hearing from you, thank you. Answer:
    I, qty 1 means 1kit, so four pieces. Best regards
  • Asked by Giuseppe Bruno
    on 2018-08-22
    Ho delle pale merou, con scrpetta mare: si sono rovinati i canalizzatori, vorrei sapere se sono compatibili, e in caso quale Predisposizione Water Rails dovrei scegliere? Answer:
    Salve, può acquistare i kit per swing, e tagliare la parte eccedente. Saluti
  • Asked by Iulian Varlan
    on 2018-09-17
    Hi, I would like to buy the kit to use them with Mares foot pocket. I have carbon fins without any rails. my question is: how to use Mares foot pockets with these profiles? (with Mares razors I need a T edge to clip on). Can I clip my Razor tendons on top of the Cetma Composites? Or I need to cut them? What is your advice? Thank you! Answer:
    Hi, you can use our profiles with mares footpockets, we normally do this when people wants mares footpockets You have just to cut exceeding part. Best regards
  • Asked by Miguel Gonzalez
    on 2019-03-26
    Hello, Do you ship to Florida? Need replacement rails for carbon blades Answer:
    Hi, yes we ship. Please send a mail with wath you need to info@cetmacomposites.it. We do not sell directly to USA, but for waterails we can do it. Best regards
    on 2019-09-28
    Salve, se ha bisogno della nostra colla le chiediamo di scrivere un messaggio privato a silvio.pappada@cetma.it. Saluti
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2019-10-02
    che stipo di colla impiegare Answer:
    Salve, le suggeriamo di utilizzare una comune colla cianoacrilica, tipo Attak. Saluti
  • Asked by Pietro Adriano Cordeddu
    on 2019-12-18
    Ho acquistato un paio di prana da un privato, avrebbero bisogno di un restyling, sono graffiate completamente i water rails sono stati tagliati, vorrei sapere se voi eseguite questo genere di lavori Answer:
    Salve, se ci spedisce le pinne possiamo montare i waterails nuovi. Per info, chiami il 3289584396. Saluti
  • Asked by michelet jordan
    on 2020-01-15
    Hello i have got a Menta prana buy in 2017 but my "High Performance Water Rails" is tear. it is guarantee ? Thank you for your time. Sorry for my english i am french Answer:
    Hi, the change of waterail is not covered by warranty. we change in warranty if the break takes place 1-2 months after the purchase. Best regards
  • Asked by Jacob Davis
    on 2020-06-22
    Aloha, I recently damaged my rail to where I can see the fin. Is simply replacing the rails okay? Or do I need to do something else as well? Also I live in hawaii and would lile to buy rails to replace anyways do you ship to Hawaii? Mahalo, Jacob Davis Answer:
    yes you simly need to replace the water rail, for spare parts you can simply send an order to info@cetmacomposites.it
  • Asked by Fabio
    on 2021-07-21
    Salve ho un paio di edge a cui vorrei sostituire i Water Rails e se possibile anche il logo cetma da bianco a Nero … questo lavoro preferirei farlo fare a voi in quanto esperti perché non amo poi vedere graffi o bavature di colla sulla pala …. Potrei chiedervi un preventivo e tempi di attesa ?? Grazie Answer:
    si certo mandi una richiesta ad info@cetmacomposites.it
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2021-07-23
    Precio y largo d los rieles Answer:
    please put in the basket or register to check the prices
  • Asked by Alex
    on 2021-07-24
    Hello ! What is the price for a set of 4 pieces of guides for one pair of fins? Will you be able to send an order to Mexico in the city of Cancun? Answer:
    please put in the basket or register to check the prices
  • Asked by Yasser
    on 2021-07-27
    M gustaría saber el precio d un juego Answer:
    dear customer you can go on the wesite and check the price. Minimum order quantity is 1 kit with 4 pieces. best regards

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